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Access to the arts consistently has been discriminative; reserved only for those who were able to afford an arts education.  While we know that this is terminal to the longevity of the arts, we see this cycle proliferated in our society over and over again. This is against DJDE’s principles. As a product of arts programming, Darvejon Jones  is passionate about giving formal dance training back to  under-served communities in the form of dances of the African Diaspora, Modern, Jazz, Classical and Social dance forms. He looks forward to partnering with other organizations and applying for grant funding to make this happen.


As a teaching artist, Darvejon Jones is committed to:

1.     Combating the subversively discriminative nature of select access to the fine arts.

2.     Teaching how to acknowledge privilege as it is manifested in us all.

3.     To liberally give knowledge, skills, and access as it relates to dance.  

4.     Providing opportunities for students to see professional dance: Visibility grants access

5.     Promoting healthy lifestyle choices through dance instruction.

Fundraising Even
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