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The Buzzard from "a n t a r e s" (2024); an abstracted buzzard lope.

La MaMa Moves! | In The Club at La MaMa Experimental Theater
Photo by Steven Pirano



Darvejon A. Jones, MFA

(pronunciation: dar-vee-yawn) 

Assistant Professor of Dance

Darvejon was trained by legendary tap dancers Paul and Arlene Kennedy, been closely mentored and performed works by master Horton Technique teacher Ray Tadio, performed works by the founder of the Institute for Dunham Technique Certification, Dr. Albirda "Bird" Rose, and performed works for Emmy award-winning choreographers Ashley Roland and Jamey Hampton,  as well as Brenda Way, Ar Vejon Jones, Christian von Howard, Oluyinka Akinjiola, Sara Parker, Heidi Duckler, Maya Ciarrocchi, Jose Limon, and many others. His works have been shown at the Mckenna Theater, The Black Choreographers Festival, and PUSHfest in San Francisco; La MaMa Experimental Theater, The Kraine Theater, and The Kaye Playhouse in New York City; and Headwaters Theater, Studio 2, and BodyVox in Portland, Oregon (Darvejon Jones Dance Ensemble). Jones holds a BA in Dance Performance and Choreography & a minor degree in Japanese Language and Literature from San Francisco State University as well as an MFA in Dance with multiple distinctions from Hunter College under the direction, mentorship, and tutelage of maura nguyễn donohue. His writing can be found in CULTUREBOT and Movement Research and Performance Journal. Currently, he is engrossed in exploring embodied liberatory practices intrinsic to Black dance. He is curious about phantasmagoria, puppetry, poetry, and the intersections of contemporary dance practices and traditional African American spirituality. In Spring '24, Darvejon received an appointment to a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Dance at Hunter College.

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2021 - 2023

MFA in Dance
City University of New York, Hunter College

GPA: 4.0

Thesis |  Blacklash: Phenomenological Hermeneutics in Black Dance

Coursework:  Aesthetics, Graduate Dance History, Process & Projects, Performance & Presentation, Maintenance of the Dancer’s Instrument, Modes of Inquiry, Study of Forms, Graduate Technique (Contemporary, Mambo, Guinean, Ballet), Graduate Repertory (Christian von Howard, and Kendra Ross).


Service: Mellon Transformative Learning in the Humanities Scholar, CUNY Graduate Center Fall '22, Hunter College Arts and Humanities Curriculum Committee Student Representative 2022/23, Anti-Racism Committee '22, MFA in Dance Admissions Committee Spring '23, Student Mentor 2021 - 2023, Dance Studies Association presenter Fall '22 & Spring '23.


Shuster Award for Outstanding Master's Thesis Spring '23

Outstanding Research Award Spring '23

Outstanding Performance Award Spring '23

Outstanding Service to the Department Award Spring '23

2007 - 2013

BA in Dance Performance & Choreography
San Francisco State University


University Dance Theater Dancer 2009 - 2012

University Dance Theater Choreographer  2012/13

Investigating Grace by Brenda Way, ODC Dance SF (National Endowment for the Arts)

I Look Vacantly at the Pacific Though, Regret by Kimi Okada, ODC Dance SF (National Endowment for the Arts)

Assistant to the Chair of the Department,  Dr. Yutian Wong  2011/12

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant — Ballet 1, Modern 1, Haitian 1  2010/11

Administrative Assistant for the School of Music and Dance 2012/13

2007 - 2013

Minor Japanese

San Francisco State University

Coursework : 

Japanese 103, Japanese Conversation, Intensive Study of Kanji (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced), Japanese Reading & Grammar, Advanced Reading in Japanese, Advanced Conversation & Composition I, Advanced Conversation & Composition II 

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